The Global Inhouse Fair 2018

The Global Inhouse Fair 2018

A much anticipated international education exhibition that opens the doors of opportunity for students wanting to study overseas and obtain an international qualification. This large-scale global in-house education fair will be held in 10 cities nationwide.

Global Education Interact (GEI) is a lot more than an Education Fair in India. It is an event where Universities and Educational Institutions from many countries come to directly meet the pre-qualified students for their course, institution and country selection.

Meet University delegates from across the globe – US, UK, Australia, Dubai, Canada, Singapore, & Switzerland. This event is a goldmine of information related to overseas education.

The fact that experts from the global education domain and delegates from reputed universities gather under one roof to interact with students makes it a much-awaited event every year for any student who is serious about pursuing studies abroad.

The choices available to the Indian students today are vast. Universities and Institutions from all over the world are actively seeking Indian students; from countries including the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, Europe, and Malaysia.

Highlights of the Global Inhouse Fair

  • Apply to the best Universities around the globe
  • Process your application for 2018 on a priority basis
  • Obtain on the spot counseling by a Country Expert
  • Get a comprehensive comparison of University rankings
  • Learn about scholarship and fee waiver opportunities
  • Obtain advice on your visa application and education loans

Important Dates:

Attend the Global Education Interact

  • Pune: 22nd Sept. The Chopras Office, Pune
  • Hyderabad: 25th Sept. The Chopras Office, Hyderabad
  • Kolkata: 27th Sept. The Chopras Office, Kolkata
  • Bangalore: 29th Sept. The Chopras Office, Bangalore
  • Chennai: 30th Sept. The Chopras Office, Chennai
  • Chandigarh: 3rd Oct. The Chopras Office, Chandigarh
  • Lucknow: 5th Oct. The Chopras Office, Lucknow
  • Delhi: 7th Oct. The Chopras Office, Nehru Place
  • Jaipur: 9th Oct | 2 – 6pm. The Chopras Office, Jaipur
  • Mumbai: 11th Oct. The Chopras Office, Churchgate

Close: 11 am till 5 pm across all venues *Special discounts at all venues for participating students Free Entry! Documents Required.

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